ILCA Queensland

Why Laser?


  • You can find Lasers sailing at more clubs and locations than any other class

  • A great pathway from Optis/Sabots/Bics to a boat that can support body sizes from 50 kg to over 100kg, and ages from single digits to over 80!

  • No need to organise your crew, just hitch up your boat and go!

  • A vibrant masters division with plenty of Masters Only regattas

  • You can always find a laser to suit your budget – plenty of cheap second hand boats around, and even at the top end pricing is very competitive against other classes due to the one design nature of the class. There is no “arms race” to buy expensive go-fast bits since it is a level playing field

Why Clubs should support Lasers – click here

Videos of the last National Championship in Brisbane

Nationals Wrap Up

Extended 23 minute highlights

Videos of latest National Masters on the Sunshine Coast

Day 1          Day 2          Day 3           Day 4               Videos by Beau Outteridge


Oceania Masters in Fiji


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