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2024 Solidarity Program for Oceania & Australian Open & Youth Championships in Adelaide
Applications are now open for the 2024 Solidarity Program for ILCA 4 female sailors for the 2024 Oceania & Australian Open & Youth Championships in Adelaide.


Following the success of the 2023 Solidarity Program at Georges River Sailing Club in NSW, ILCA Australia has expanded the program for 2024. The expanded program will see selection of 10 ILCA 4 female sailors, being one from each Australian District (excluding the NT), one from New Zealand, and three female sailors from Oceania small islands. Further information from ILCA Oceania is here: 2024-Oceania-ILCA-4-Solidarity-Program-Outline.pdf

The program will provide free entry for the regatta and functions, a supplied boat, merchandise, a coach and more importantly, entry to a team of like-minded female sailors for the duration of the championships. The successful applicant will need to make their own travel arrangements to/from Adelaide Sailing Club, although the QLA is in a position to provide financial assistance to sailors travelling interstate for regattas. Information on QLA’s travel assistance policy is on this website.

You can read about the experience of the female sailors in the 2023 Solidarity Program in the post from ILCA Australia Here.

Application forms can be accessed here: Application for 2024 ILCA 4 Solidarity Program (google.com), and QLA’s Selection Policy can be viewed below

If you have any questions, please contract the QLA Youth Representative, Fiona Johnstone, at fiona.johnstone1@bigpond.com

Key Dates



1 October 2023

Closing date for submission of ILCA Oceania Application Form

On or before 26 October 2023

ILCA Oceania notifies QLA of Eligible sailors

27 October to 31 October 2022

QLA considers selection criteria for all eligible sailors and notifies ILCA Oceania of its selection

1 November 2023

Announcement by ILCA Oceania of the selected sailors

1-8 January 2024

Oceania & Australian Open and Youth ILCA Championships, Adelaide Sailing Club, South Australia


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