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Mitch Kennedy reaching video

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The Queensland Laser Association (QLA) runs regular training sessions for its members. Ken Hurling is the association’s Training Coordinator responsible for developing and controlling the QLA programs.

Contact Ken Hurling | 0417 644 086 | kenhurling@hotmail.com

The main areas of Laser sailing that addressed in these training programs are:

  • Laser set up
  • Boat handling
  • Boat speed  – windward and downwind
  • Starting
  • Race strategies and Tactics
  • Personal fitness
  • Non coached training procedures
  • Racing rules

Programmes are tailored to different experience levels from “new to Lasers” to advance coaching clinics for national and international level sailors.

The QLA will approach training at 2 levels:

  • Level 1 will be aimed at the club sailors with the objective of improving the standard of Laser club racing. Coaching is performed by suitable QLA members and other local coaches
  • Level 2 will be aimed at the more competitive sailors with the objective of improving the results of QLA members attending National and International Laser Regattas. Level 2 coaching is by a combination of local and imported specialised coaches. Level 2 coaching costs will vary depend on the coaches involved and the number of sailors participating.

To access the coaching sessions sailors must be financial members of the QLA or its interstate equivalent.

The Laser Experience

We have three 4.7 rigs in high demand which are used for demonstration and training purposes. If you are thinking about a laser for your next boat and would like to have a ‘Laser Experience’ then contact the Training Coordinator kenhurling@hotmail.com

Training for Northern Sailors
Danny Fuller
Please contact danny for details full128@bigpond.net.au

Training for South East Queensland
Ken Hurling
Please contact Ken for details kenhurling@hotmail.com