• IC241 World Laser Masters Championship Ranking and Allocation
  • IC258 Clarification of ILCA membership,
    qualification for ILCA championships and display of
    national sail letters at ILCA events
  • IC270 Technical Issues Section Available on ILCA Website
  • IC271 Change to ILCA Entry System for ILCA Laser World Championships
  • IC285 Bidding for 2014 World Championships Now Open
  • IC299 Rule Change Proposals including Fundamental Rule
  • IC306 Clarification on Fundamental Rule Change
  • IC308 Vote on the Fundamental Rule Change
  • IC321 New General Manager ILCA
  • IC338 OMAN Masters applications open
  • IC347 ISAF Sailing World Cup Events Now Require Country Flags on Sails
  • IC360 Applications Open – Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships 2014
  • IC364 U21 and World Championships – Boat Charters